With over 72 acres and 26 varieties of apples we have one of the largest selections on Long Island - here is our top 10 list - most commonly purchased and unique in flavor.

1. Mutsu: Light green to yellowish white. Sweet rich full flavor. Firm dense texture –
Best for: eating fresh & Mid-season

2. Fuji: yellowish green with red highlights. Very sweet aromatic flavor – Best for: eating, salads, applesauce & Late-season

3. Granny Smith: Bright green exterior, crisp bite with tart flavor. Mid to late season

4. Honey Crisp: Local favorite. Very sweet, crisp & juicy – Best for: Eating, baking pies. Mid-season

5. Macoun: flushed red to brownish red over a light yellow. Flesh is crisp, tender, juicy & sweet – Best for: eating, sauces – Late-season

6. Rome: Very smooth red apple. Slighty juicy, very hard flesh – Best for: baking & cooking. Not applesauce Late-season

7. Winesap: Rich red color with white flesh, crisp & juicy – Best for: cooking and often served with wine & cheese – Mid to late season

8. Empire: small red good sweet strong flavor – Best for: eating becomes sweeter as days get colder – Mid-season

9. Black Twig: medium to large greenish yellowish skin with distinct dark red striping. Flesh is yellow firm & juicy. Best known for: Ultimate TART apple – Late-season

10. Razor: our oldest Tree in the orchard. Golden Bronze skin covered in russet – Best for: eating mid to late season

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